“Mouty” is a young Parisian label created in 2018 by Bertille and Thomas.

The two designers aim to transcribe their vision of the perfect garment, by precise cuts and quality materials. Collections are conceived in their Paris Atelier, where each fabric is sourced from the best European and Japanese suppliers.
Bertille graduated in fashion at Studio Berçot Paris while Thomas studied at European Business School.

Lovers of materials, monochrome colors, rigorous cuts and harmonious silhouettes, their desire is to bring a passionate and instinctive sensitivity to current fashion. The label reinterprets a sober luxury full of freedom through transgenerational shapes using contemporary fabrics and techniques.

The name Mouty is simply their last name, 
Bertille and Thomas are married and love this idea of ​​creating together as a family.

Mouty reinvents, with a modern vision,
a timeless heritage with a sustainable perspective.
Each collection was born from an introspection into the past to which is added a punctual sense of the present, a journey, an event, an archive, an environment.


Mouty wants to create clothes that last in time,
keeping in mind the idea of consuming less but better,
offering a non-disposable wardrobe with unique pieces to fall in love with.

The label proposes a type of clothing that looks like its founders and in which you feel good. The goal is to wear something that you desire and respect at the same time, thanks to its meticulous finishing work.

Mouty credits his understanding of garments and construction to his curiosity and passion of travelling. The brand takes codes from other countries and cultures and doesn't hesitate to mix them up always with respect and attention to details.

The couple believes in clothing as a weapon for assertiveness.
Thomas’ background, Bertille passion for fabrics research and the couple habits for travelling are all engines to their thirst for creation. Wearing a Mouty silhouette is, in a way, having traveled the world and mixing codes, the effortless and singular chic of Parisians... this mix of street and elegance.

In the last collection “Temazcal”, we can notice some codes taken from South America, coming from a honeymoon trip to Tulum...
It's a real bohemian trip to the bowels of Mexico.